Personal Development Programme (PDP)

The Personal Development Programme (PDP) is designed for young people aged 11 to 25 years who are struggling with current educational provision and require extra support. Indicators include poor attendance, disruptive behaviour, disengagement, low self-esteem, and underachievement.

There are different courses within the Personal Development Programme with different specialisms, e.g. catering, performing arts and sports. Each course runs for 20 weeks although there may be some flexibility to take a 6 week course in certain situations. Each course is designed to be both fun and challenging, engaging young people with learning through a variety of methods designed around their needs.

Each PDP course begins with an assessment of the participants’ needs, teambuilding exercises and introduction to the course topics. During this introductory period the participants will be engaged in a variety of creative sessions in order to understand why they have been referred, their expectations and aspirations. They will be introduced to the staff team and each other and will be involved in both one-to-one sessions and group work. Some team building exercises will also be incorporated to build confidence and begin to identify personality traits. The team building activity may take place offsite. All courses include life skills, personal development skills and employability skills.

At the end of each course the participants’ will have the opportunity to showcase their new skills, and staff from the referring agency will be invited to participate at this event.

Each participant will be allocated a Krunch SW keyworker who will support them throughout the course within the group and through some structured one-on-one sessions. All the keyworkers will be part of Krunch SW experienced staff and will have undergone intensive mentoring training.

The PDP can be run as either a full day or half day course. The full day is from 10am to 2.30pm (including a short lunch break). The half day is from 10am to 12.30pm. The programme can be held on a Wednesday or Thursday and can cater for 4 to 12 participants.

The participants can work towards an OCN accreditation in their chosen area. This will involve the participant creating a simple portfolio containing evidence of learning throughout the programme.

Krunch SW will ensure that all work placements are fully insured and that anyone who delivers a session or workshop has a current DBS check.

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